Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happy 3 Years - April 17, 2015

His lips remain stationary while the words are spoken through his eyes,
What mysteries lie beneath his gaze, the world has yet to realize.
Modest but with a mind so sharp, one is forced to stop and think --
Is he imaginary or for real, will he disappear if I dare blink?
What is love I used to ask myself, is it merely physical attraction?
Is it the way he always treats me, or a chemical reaction?
With every day that passes by, I slowly learn why my path crossed his,
I grasp what it's like to feel at peace; I finally understand what love is.
I love him for the way he smiles and when he messes up his hair,
I love him for his soothing scent, with his cologne or simply bare.
I love him for his words of wisdom, ones of honesty and trust,
I love that he is so pure at heart, from his inner core to crust. 
I love that I can always trust that he will never leave me alone,

I may never learn his deepest secrets, but let my love for him be known. 

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